EPIS Membership

Membership is open to producers of chemical market pulp having a registered office or being incorporated in a European country. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Secretary General.

EPIS member companies currently represent ca. 96 % of the European market pulp volume, and ca. 60 % of the global market pulp capacity.


Aspa Bruk AB



Arauco Europe Coöperatief U.A.

The Netherlands

Billerud AB Sweden www.billerud.se 
Burgo Ardennes S.A. Belgium www.burgo.com 
Cellulose Beira Industial S.A.  Portugal www.celbi.pt 
Cellulose Eldorado Austria GmbH Austria www.eldoradobrasil.com.br 
CMPC Pulp S.A.  Chile www.cmpc.cl 
Grupo Empresarial ENCE S.A.  Spain www.ence.es 
Klabin S.A. Brazil https://klabin.com.br/en/
Mercer Pulp Germany www.mercerint.com 
Metsä Fibre Finland www.metsafibre.com 
Mondi AG Austria www.mondigroup.com 
The Navigator Company Portugal www.thenavigatorcompany.com 
SCA Graphic Sundsvall AS, Östrand Pulp Mill Sweden www.sca.com 
Stora Enso Oyj Finland www.storaenso.com 
Suzano Pulp and Paper Europe Switzerland www.suzano.com.br 
Södra Cell International AB Sweden www.sodra.com 
UPM-Kymmene Corporation Finland www.upm.com 

Wilfried Hienzel AG