Vision, Mission and Strategy

Key strategic themes

We believe that, we will create value for member organizations and the society at large by following these steps:

  1. Identifying, quantifying and communicating the benefits of cellulose products to society
  2. Promoting the value of forests and everything that comes with it (life, culture, economy, energy, CO2 etc.)
  3. Providing market data of members’ interest with the utmost integrity 
  4. Collaborating in a proactive way with relevant stakeholders (associations, public authorities, organizations)
  5. Cooperating to increase technical know-how with best practices, common standards, innovation.

History in brief

The market pulp industry started collaboration with FIDES (Financial Decision System) statistical exchange. Mr. David Clarke in Paris compiled market pulp statistics in the early nineties under EPI. Mr. Bernt Stenberg was the first Secretary General of EPIS between 1996 and 2004, based in Sweden. EPIS was officially established in 2005 when Mr. Mikko Tahvanainen became the Secretary General for 11 years, based in Finland. The office is currently in care of the Secretary General in Helsinki. 

EPIS is an international, non-profit association, residing in 250 Avenue Louise in Brussels. EPIS is governed by Belgian law.

Membership is open to producers of chemical market pulps having a registered office or being incorporated in a European country. 

Administrative bodies

The General Assembly, the Steering Committee and the Secretary General are the governing bodies of the association.

Chairman 2020 - 2021

Mr. Tomas Wiklund
Vice President, Pulp Sales and Marketing, UPM, FINLAND

Vice-Chairman 2020 - 2021

Fabio Almeida de Oliveira
Suzano Europe and Americas - Pulp

Steering Committee 2020 - 2021

Mr Ari Harmaala
Senior Vice President, Sales and Customership at Metsä Fibre Oy, FINLAND
Mr Alfonso Valdes
Managing Director, Arauco Europe, THE NETHERLANDS
Mr Henrik Wettergen
President at Södra Cell International AB, SWEDEN
Mr Uwe Bentlage
Vice President, Pulp Sales and Marketing Europe at Mercer Pulp Sales GmbH, GERMANY
Mr Anders Jansson
Vice President Sales & Marketing, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Aspa mill, SWEDEN

Contact information

Ms Anna Maija Wessman
Secretary General of the European Pulp Industry Sector AISBL
European Pulp Industry Sector AISBL
c/o Sustinendo Oy
Tunturikatu 4 A 9

00100 Helsinki